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I had a great experience with this company.

Debbie is a very good negotiator, always focused on solving the problems and keep the client happy, free of stress. Buying a home is a big step in someone's life. Choose the people who guide you and care for you wisely. John was always making sure that the home shows well. He would make special trips to the home right before showing, turn on the lights, making sure everything looks good. I felt very lucky working with such a good team.

John Byers was a wonderful Realtor to work with.

His knowledge of procedure, and professional conduct were unparalleled. He was attentive to every aspect of our transaction, and had our interests as his primary concern. John even helped us negotiate an incredible deal on our property. His use of drone photography gave us some unique negotiating points with the seller, enabling us to buy the property of our dreams. We would highly recommend John and his photographic services to anyone selling or purchasing property.

Dani J

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